Amazon Return Policy


There has been a lot of confusion among the customers on how actually Amazon’s return policy works. The users wonder whether all returns are free and how often they can return something.

Amazon Return Policy

Amazon Return Policy

Do they have to be an Amazon Prime member in order to get free return shipping? All these questions aren’t clearly addressed by Amazon. So here we will be providing details on the Amazon Return Policy.

Here are the details of the policy:

  • The customers have thirty days to return items from date of deliveryfor a free shipping and full refund if the item delivered to them is a defective, an incorrect or a damaged product.
  • The items must be fulfilled or sold by Amazon directly, in any case otherwise the customer has to pay for the item’s return shipping.
  • Third party sellers fall underthe same return policy as that of the items sold directly by Amazon.
  • The customers can actually print their prepaid return shipping labels instantly through the Online Return Center.
  • However, the return policy doesn’t apply to items under international shipping.
  • If items are sold directly by Amazon, the customers typically don’t have to pay any return shipping charges.
  • If items are sold by a third party vendor and the customers try to initiate the return through the Amazon return page, they might probably have to pay the return shipping fees under special circumstances.
  • However, if the customers start live chats and initiate their items’ return that way, they might stand a good chance of not having to pay any possible return shipping fees.
  • The customers’ chances of free return shipping rise greatlyif they have Prime membership and they order regularly every month.
  • If the customer had opened or used the item Amazon will take it back within thirty days. In addition to that, Amazon will pay for whatever the return shipping charges.

There are a few pointers for the return policy. These are:

  • The customers have to keep in mind that the item must be shipped and sold directly by Amazon and not any third-party vendor.
  • There is is no limitfor the number of Amazon returns that the customers can make.
  • The customers must keep in mind that any product can be returned – no matter the size or weight – the items can be returned within thirty days.

There is a case for the returns during the ‘Holiday Period.’ Any purchases that the customers make between 1st November and 31st December have an extended ‘Holiday’ return period. The customers have until January 31st to return any of the items bought within this two month time duration.

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However, if any customer tends to return the majority of the stuff that they buy, Amazon will take notice and it could flag the customers’ account and not let them make any more returns. Also, if they ask for a return, but the customers never actually return the item, Amazon is in the position to take action against them. The action Amazon might take is to put a “concessions limit” on the seller.

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