Best Buy Return Policy


Best Buy has a standard return policy of fifteen days from the date and day of purchase, with all the items eligible for a full refund and complete exchange – only along with a receipt. Without a receipt, the item can, however, be exchanged – but there might be complications.

Best Buy Return Policy

Best Buy Return Policy

For items such as cell phones and devices that require prior activation, the return period is fourteen days. Finally, the wedding registry items which are available, are eligible for return within sixty days of their purchase.

  • Cellphone and devices that require prior activation are subject to thirty-five dollars of the restocking fee.
  • Drones, DSLRs and lenses-like products will be subject to 15% of the purchase price of the item.
  • There is no restocking fee for all the unopened merchandise which is both purchased as well as returned in the following states: Alabama, Hawaii, Colorado, Iowa, Ohio, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and South Carolina, and wherever else prohibited by law.
  • If the customers have signed up with ‘My Best Buy Elite membership’, the standard Best Buy return policy extends up to thirty days.
  • If the customers have not signed up for ‘Best Buy Elite Plus membership’, they can still extend the standard return policy up to forty-five days from their items’ date of purchase.

When it comes to returning an item, the customers have 3 options:

  1. To return in-store
  2. To return by mail via the carrier of their choice
  3. To use a Best Buy Prepaid Label

Best Buy prepaid labels permit the customers to pay nothing up-front by following the given set of instructions for printing out a Prepaid Return Label.


That being said, not every item is handled in the same way by the Best Buy return policy. Here are a few exceptions:

  • Apparel: Only the ones which have the original tags, and have not been worn or have been laundered can be returned.
  • Bundled/ Promotional Discount Items: If customers return an item which is a part of a bundle or it is on promotional discount (even if it is not the entire customer purchase), Best Buy will reimburse the customers for what they return, subtracting the value of the discount/freebie.
  • Custom Orders: These are non-returnable.
  • Final Sale and Nonreturnable Items: All Final Sale items are nonreturnable, including the completed services, digital content, custom orders, prepaid cards, memberships, gift packaging, and opened consumable items.
  • Gifts: Items returned which were bought as gifts will be refunded for in-store credit during any in-store returns. Gifts which are returned via mail will then be credited and the payment will be notified to the purchaser.
  • Missing Packaging/ Accessories: Returns can be processed after a nonrefundable deduction in case the customer is missing some of the original packaging items or accessories.
  • Software, Movies, Music, and Games: Opened items under this category can only be exchanged for an identical item.


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Technology has been changing rapidly these days and with this, the customers may be having second thoughts about any item that they purchased at the famous electronics retailer, Best Buy. For this very reason, the Best Buy return policy can be rather a real lifesaver when it comes down to staying tech-savvy.


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