Foreign Policy


Foreign policy is all about keeping and maintaining good and healthy relations with the neighboring countries. The scope of foreign policy is expanded to cover everyone in our neighborhood now. Foreign policy is vital because it determines the current and future state of relationships between groups of countries and thus it guides the diplomats of a particular nation in negotiations.

Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy

Foreign policy is ultimately executed by any nation’s diplomats and it is ultimately supported by the country’s economic, military and political might.

Here we will be providing you an overview of what Foreign Policy actually is.

  • Foreign policy is any country’s orientation towards any other single country or a group of countries.
  • It includes an array of subjects which range from language to culture to even technology.
  • Diplomatic relations are however always being aimed at maintaining and keeping good and positive relationships. So, Foreign Policy, by that regard, never aims at keeping the negative relationship. Sometimes it’s entirely a situational call to possibly have negative relations.
  • Foreign policy is very pivotal in the development of any nation because the domestic needs of a nation can also be met through other countries because no country can ultimately become self-reliant and self-sufficient and that is primarily because the resources are spread all over the globe. These resources can only be utilized through efficient inter and intra-national policies.
  • For example, the USA is the biggest consumer economy in the world whereas, on the other hand, China is the biggest manufacturer of electronics. By virtue of foreign policies, these two largest economies are hereby interdependent.

In the same way at a very regional level, almost all other countries can be interdependent. India, in this case, is relied on for crops like cotton, and palm oil, and onion by the neighborhood.

  • Foreign policy also includes the shifting orientation towards global governance. How the global resources are expected to be utilized however collectively, so as to ensure national development as well as global development – comes under the purview of foreign policy.

In this regard, there is a pressing demand in order to reform the United Nations Organization Structure.

  • In addition to all the economic problems, the global problems such as Global warming, women empowerment, poverty, violence and trafficking demand huge amount of global coordination. The new era brings about new changes in foreign policy and that is all about coordinating the countries.
  • Foreign policy demands a very skillful policy and thorough rules. Thus, foreign policy is very inclusive.
  • In the recent past, there have been debates about all sorts of the global level of monetary governance. This is the aspect that is relatively not focused on the era of globalization, which has ultimately led to the inequality inaccessibility of resources.

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To sum up, after all the pointers, it can be safely said that Foreign Policy is very important so as to achieve any sort of national goals. The Global issues can only be solved through much multilateral coordination as well as inter-country arrangements and groupings.

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