Steam Refund Policy [ Steam Restore Purchases And Gift ]


Steam Refund Policy: Steam is a largest platform for digital distribution for PC gaming where you can play and purchase games. It offers wide variety of products and services including DRM, social networking services, video streaming, installation and automatic updates of games etc. Initially, it was developed for Microsoft Windows but versions for macOS and Linux were also released late. If you bought any game by mistake or played any game for hour and didn’t liked it then you can ask for a refund even when your PC doesn’t meet the requirement needed to run the game.

Steam Refund Policy

Steam is developed by Valve Corporation and customers are issued refund when requested via irrespective of any reason. You have to request refund within fourteen days of purchase and title have not been played for more than two hours.

It takes around two weeks for approving full refund of your purchase and then refund is sent to your Steam Wallet funds or the original payment method used by you while purchasing any product. In some regions, funds is not accepted and sent back to us. In such case, you will receive funds in Steam wallet.

Where Refunds are Applicable?

The Steam refund is provided within two weeks of purchase and with less than two hours of playtime and this is applied to all games and software applications on the Steam store. However, you have to visit official site of Steam to get complete information regarding refunds bilut we haelve mentioned some important details about Steam Refund Policy.

Downloadable Content: If you haven’t consumed, modified or transferred any DLC, the product is eligible for return and refund is provided after approval. Also know that some third-party DLC are non-refundable.

In-game Purchase: Any Valve-developed game is eligible for refund and issued within forty-eight hours of purchase. Third-party developers can provide refunds on these terms bit it is optional. Steam will tell if refund on in-game purchase is offered by the third party or not.

Pre-purchased Titles: If you purchase a title and paid in advance, you can request for refund anytime before the title releases under the 14 days/two hour return period.

Steam Wallet: If you haven’t used purchased amount on Steam funds, then you can ask for the refund within 14 days of purchase.

Steam Hardware: You can request a refund fort Steam hardware and accessories within 30 days of delivery and the hardware must be shipped back within 14 days of refund. Visit the official site of Steam and then go to the Steam Hardware order terms for return and cancellation process.

Bundles: If no item in the bundle have been transferred and used for less than two hours, you will get full refund for any bundle. If there is any non-refundable DLC or in-game item, Steam will inform you while checking out.
Gifts: Redeemed gifts are refunded only when the recipient request refund. It is refunded according to the standard 14days/two hour return period.


Steam provides refund on most of the purchase but there are some items that are non-refundable including purchases made outside of Steam, Vac Bans and and video contents.

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