Walmart Return Policy


With a whopping number of 11,718 stores and clubs across 28 countries that are working under as large a number as 59 names, Walmart has made a huge and colossal impact in the corporate world. The company was successfully incorporated on 31 October 1969.

It also owns and runs Sam’s Club retail warehouses. In 2016, it was undoubtedly the largest U.S. grocery retailer store. Walmart has grown rapidly from the very beginning and now it is one of the most valuable companies in the world, with total revenue of over $500.34 million.

Walmart Return Policy

Walmart Return Policy

But not many customers are properly aware of the return policy of Walmart. This is why we will be providing the necessary details about the return policy of Walmart in this article.

According to Walmart’s Return Policy, the Walmart authorities will exchange, repair or refund the purchased items of customers as long as the return requirement meets the following guidelines:

  • Walmart will accept the customers’ return requests within ninety days after the purchase.

This rule applies to all the products, but along with a few exceptions, such as the following:

  1. Electronics items including but not just limited to items such as computers, GPS units, camcorders, and digital music players must be returned any time within fifteen days of purchase with the receipt.
  2. Airbeds which are not defective must be returned any time within fifteen days and, in case if they are used, they will only be exchanged for an airbed of either equal value or greater value.
  3. Tools meant for outside use, such as the tools like lawn mowers and power washers, must be returned any time within thirty days with a receipt of the purchase.
  4. CDs, DVDs, or video game cartridges follow the same ninety-day return policy, but they must be either defective or they must have to be returned unopened for the purpose of a refund or an exchange.
  5. Perennials, succulents, trees, and shrubs may be returned any time within one year of purchase with a receipt of the purchase.
  • Walmart does not require any receipt to facilitate the customers’ returns, except for the ones which are exceptions and are mentioned above.
  • Any item may be exchanged – provided it is in an unused condition.
  • For customer purchases under twenty-five dollars, the customers may choose whether to receive a cash refund instead of an exchange of the product.
  • For customer purchases over 25 dollars, the customers may choose a Walmart shopping card for the same amount as that of the purchase.


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Naturally, the customers of Walmart have grown over time because of Walmart’s strategy of “Everyday Low Price”. Along with the increase in the customer base of Walmart comes the case of ordering and return policies of the same. This has been the case with every e-commerce site and mom and pop stores and same is the case with Walmart too. Walmart customers – however loyal they might be – also need to return the goods sometimes when it doesn’t match their requirements.


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